Benefits to Work Uniforms | Why Your Staff Should be Wearing a Uniform
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Depending on the industry, work uniforms are not always compulsory. For instance, in most corporate business settings, employees are expected to purchase their own ‘uniform’ that fits the ‘Business formal’ or ‘business casual’ dress code. There can be a number of issues that come out of this, including misinterpretation of the dress code. One way to combat this is with a standardised uniform for all staff. There are a number of benefits to a standardised work uniform, similar to school uniforms including:

1. Business Image 
Ensuring your staff are dressed in a unified way, emits professionalism. It ensures your staff are all meeting the level of dress you require for your organisation. It also means customers can recognise what organisation you are from. For example, the red McDonalds shirts are easily recognisable! 

2. Brand Awareness and Advertising 
Your logo and branding colours are important for creating brand recall. Every time a potential customer walks past one of your employees in uniform, they are exposed to your brand. It’s cost effective advertising! It’s important however that your employees behave in a way that reflects well on your business. People seen doing the wrong thing in a uniform will form negative perceptions of the business. 

3. Team Identity 
There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’, so a unified look will help your employees feel part of the team. Some may even argue that a work uniform increases motivation to perform. 

4. Hygiene and Safety 
Industries such as the hospitality industry are expected to meet a certain level of hygiene, this includes their uniforms. A standardised uniform with comprehensive hygiene instructions will help to meet this standard of care for all employees. Further, safety requirements such as Personal Protective Equipment in the construction industry can be met by providing staff with a uniform that meets the safety standards. 

Consider integrating a uniform into your workplace. It has so many benefits!