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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is any item worn or used to ensure safety in the workplace. This includes;

  • High visibility clothing such as hi vis and reflective shirts, and pants.
  • Skin protection such as sunscreen and gloves
  • Eye protection such as glasses or face shields
  • Hearing protection such as earmuffs or ear plugs.
  • Safety harnesses
  • Safety shoes and steel capped safety boots
  • Hard hats
Workplace Health and Safety

In 2011, Safework Australia developed a series of governing safety rules for the workplace; the ‘Model WHS Act”. For this act to be legally binding, each State or Territory were required to implement them as their own laws – it aims to have a consistent safety framework in place nation wide.

One area the Model WHS Act outlines is “protecting workers and other persons from harm by requiring duty holders to eliminate or minimise risk”. This is where safety equipment comes in. It is an employers responsibility to provide their employees and contractors with safety equipment, thereby minimising risk.

Personal Protective Equipment 

Here at Zibara we stock a number of Personal Protective Equipment items. For example, high visibility (hi vis) clothing and safety work boots. Our high vis clothing items meet the current Australian high visibility standards. For example, high visibility for day time wear, and visible and reflective material for night time work. These clothing items come in both men and women styles.

We also stock steel capped boots in a number of styles and colours. These boots stop feet and toes being crushed by falling objects on worksites. Further, Zibara stocks leather soft toe boots.

If you are in the market for some new protective work clothing, contact us or visit us in our Erina Store. Our team is more than happy to help you find the most comfortable and appropriate workwear for your job.