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There is an ongoing debate world wide over whether or not Uniforms should be mandatory in Schools. Some argue against school uniforms, suggesting they promote uniformity, comparative to militarism, however this is not the case. In countries such as our own, School Uniforms are compulsory in most Private, Catholic and Public Schools, and are an excellent addition to the school experience. Uniforms have become such a normal part of Australian schooling, that today wearing regular clothes to school on a ‘mufti day’ feels strange.

Pro’s of School Uniforms
  • Morning routines are smooth sailing when you know exactly what everyone should be wearing. No arguments have to be had over a favourite skirt being too short, or a shirt being dirty. The uniforms give you ease of mind, knowing you’re sending your kid to school wearing something comfortable, durable and acceptable for their day ahead. Some parents have created back to school stations to further streamline the ‘getting ready for school’ process, and they’re awesome.
Dress Code:
  • Without School Uniforms, Schools would still implement a dress code dictating the modesty, colours, patterns, writing, and logos allowed to be worn. Teachers and other staff are then required to monitor how the students dress, creating extra responsibility. A school uniform eliminates this unnecessary supervision, because students will all be dressed the same.
Prevent Bullying:
  • Bullying is as prevalent in school as ever, and with the rise of social media and technological platforms, bullying is becoming easier, and less of a task for people to engage in. If all children are dressed the same, there is no pressure to keep up with the latest fashion trends, or buy expensive clothing. This ensures equality between students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Without uniforms, children will feel pressured to wear new outfits to school everyday, and maintain a certain image. This opens up the doors wide up for bullying.
School Spirit:
  • Students are given an identity and a sense of belonging through school uniforms. Every student at the school will be wearing the same uniform with the same logo – part of one big family. Coloured uniforms for different sporting houses are an excellent way to encourage team participation, and teach children positive sportsmanship.
Cost effective:
  • School uniforms can be expensive, but in the long run they are very cost effective. Instead of buying an outfit for every single school day, you can have a couple of uniforms to do the same job. The best part is, you can hand them down to younger children in your family, or donate them to your school Clothing Pool to help kids in financial hardship get their own uniform.
  • In high school in particular, safety in terms of footwear is imperative. Practical subjects such as science, woodwork, technology etc, expose students to potentially hazardous things such as chemicals, and nails. By wearing fully enclosed leather shoes, students are reducing the risks associated with this.

The reasons supporting school uniforms are vast, however their are of course people who feel uniforms shouldn’t be compulsory. In fact, 70% of people at believe uniforms shouldn’t be compulsory. This of course covers opinions from all around the world and not just here in Australia. In our country, School Uniforms have become such an integral part of School Culture, and therefore should continue to be worn for generations to come. After all, if we had to wear them, our kids should too!