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Unfair as it may be, we make our first impressions of each other in a matter of seconds based largely on appearance. What we wear to work does matter and it can influence customer’s first opinion of your staff and their overall satisfaction of your business. A team uniform isn’t just a matter of style, it’s marketing. It advocates a message and is a powerful part of any business’s branding strategy. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right corporate uniform / Work Apparel for your business.

Comfort Equals Performance

If you’ve ever worn shoes to work that resulted in sore, blistered feet and an unproductive day, you know first hand that comfort and performance have a direct link. Combining a good fit and wearability in a uniform means your staff can get on with the job without hindering productivity. Once you have chosen a style, make sure all staff try on their size, making any alterations necessary so all staff feel comfortable. Whether working in a business shirt or a high vis shirt, all work wear needs to be comfortable, use the right fabrics for breathability and durability and in some cases fulfil industry-specific functionality.

Wear What You Want To Say

The wise adage ‘dress to impress’ is useful advice when choosing the right work wear for your team. When we believe in the messages our clothing projects, we tend to aim for those expectations. Those messages also affect those we interact with: fellow staff, customers and prospective clients can all perceive the values aligned with a brand through the uniform. A well groomed receptionist in a professional blazer communicates dedication, reliability and self-confidence, similarly,  a tradesperson on a work site fitted out in the correct protective clothing and footwear illuminates these qualities. Even if your business is not part of a corporate industry and you want to communicate a casual feel without sacrificing professionalism, a neat, relaxed uniform is a sure investment. Consider fabrics that communicate a relaxed but luxurious vibe such as denim.

Style Matters

If your staff likes the uniform they will want to wear it, which positively affects work dynamic and personal performance. So choose modern styles that don’t hinder functionality. A fashionable uniform sends an important message of cultural understanding and adaptability. Uniforms have come a long way with stylish colours and cuts now on offer, consider customisation options such as bespoke embroidery to personalise your uniform that fit with your logo and visual branding. Corporate fashion should appear consistent with your brand and bring cohesion not confusion.

Choosing the perfect work apparel is a beneficial way to extend your branding strategy, build team spirit and present a strong public front.